Working Together

With dialogue, bodywork, imagery, alchemy and ritual

All of you is welcome here.

Your work begins the moment we connect. You will be seen in a way that you have probably never been seen before – profoundly, with acceptance and love. Your potential, your stuck patterns and the positive changes you are ready to make, will be acknowledged and responded to.

This healing experience is clear, gentle and deep, with compassionate challenge, warm humour and playfulness. You can rediscover your own inner confidence, unique essence and expansive joy. You can feel at home in yourself, your body and world.

My unique healing methodology is a process of seven spiritual medicines, that can take you from unwanted messiness, into your desired magical life! The medicines are Slow, Body, Depth, Relationship, Pleasure, Power and Potency. These medicines will take you into your Universe of Deliciousness...

How would you like us to work together? A short taster workshop, an immersive group experience or in depth individual sessions?

"In times of turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil, but in facing it with yesterday’s logic.” Peter Drucker