Joy of Being

How to access the abundance of pleasure possible

There is an abundance of pleasure possible, a great deal more than we all currently live. It is freely available to everyone without discrimination or expense. Delicious pleasure is constantly available in every moment and with every interaction. The Universe of Deliciousness is a reality hidden in plain sight. It is where pleasure, wisdom and satisfaction await you…

This new one-day workshop introduces practices to shift your attention, perception and experience. You will travel from your current mess, through the 7 practical medicines of Slow, Body, Depth, Relationship, Pleasure, Power and Potency, into the magical realms of full-bodied on-earth living.

Expect a deep, light, fun and enjoyable day of dialogue, guided somatic awakening exercises, time indoors and outdoors, ritual, alchemy and expansion. This workshop delivers a direct energetic transmission, your personal path of pleasure into the Universe of Deliciousness.

This experience is
– calming for the nervous system
– awakening body-responsiveness
– deepening sensitivity to physical wisdom
– creating relational presence
– opening sexual sensation
– accessing your unique confidence
– settling into simple balanced kind happiness

You may also leave with some ideas for a personal daily practice. Your ordinary everyday life will be subtle transformed, enlivened and calmed, by awareness of the possible deliciousness.

I look forward to sharing this fun, gentle and powerful day with you!

“Embodiment is the next spiritual frontier in our collective evolution, and it includes human, animal, and all that is within the shared body of Earth. So much energy and power awaits us through this web of embodied life, and it is released and available as we are humble before it’s beauty and grandeur. Collectively we have yet to understand how the instinctual world is spiritual. Only those who hold no prejudice against the physical, material dimension of life will pass through that gateway.”
            – Hilary Hart
“In times of turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil, but in facing it with yesterday’s logic.”   
           – Peter Drucker
“The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.”
            – Julia Cameron
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