Let The Big You Out: A Series of Personal Sessions


Somatic Awakening Reconnect & Rebalance

A one hour experience is an opportunity to discuss your health, mood, relationship or work and to get clear, heal and transform. After this you will feel more alive, embodied and satisfied.

Somatic awakening sessions reconnect you to a rich and vivid state of being that is relaxed, pleasurable, in touch with your own wise guidance and in real relationship.

The work begins the moment we connect. I attune to you, reading the energy of your body – your potential, stuck patterns and the changes you are ready to make. I respond to you as a unique individual and to what exactly you need right now.

A session is a healing blend of dialogue, hands-on bodywork and energywork. We begin where you are… Therapeutic touch combines Grinberg Method 5 Element Massage, Holistic Reflexology and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I may encourage you to move your body, actively breathe and use your attention. I may suggest imagery, inquiry or ritual to support you. An alchemical process of positive change will occur for you.

We work together interactively as I guide you to connect with your deeper feelings and sense of your body. You will feel more unified, peaceful and real. You will learn somatic tools you can usefully practice in daily life.

A session is a warm, gentle, spacious, deep and intimate experience, spiced with compassionate challenge, humour and playfulness. A session may be clarifying, calming or energising – or a mixture!

Sessions offer a return to your confidence and potential, at home in yourself, at home in the world. This work supports you to inhabit your physical body, your passions, your feelings and particular gifts you have to offer. It has a regulatory effect on the psychology and physiology of the body, releasing old ideas and tensions – freeing up energy for living.

You are welcome for one session or more. A single session is £85. A series of sessions may be every few weeks or months, or only when you really need one. Sessions take place in Finchley Central in North London or on Skype.

A first experience session can be upgraded into a full journey of 7 sessions. Choose your destination: A Somatic Awakening Journey, An Intimacy Journey or A Purpose Journey. £495

To fully embody your potential for wisdom, satisfaction and pleasure, join me on the Universe of Deliciousness journey.  This deeply personal travel begins with a VIP day with me, 9 monthly sessions, including a free copy of my book, free attendance at all my workshops and a personal practical program of daily practices. £995

An Intimacy Journey guides you through
  • body image
  • relationship history
  • pleasure patterns and freedoms
  • knowing what you want
  • effective communication
  • owning your pleasure
  • co-creation with life
A Purpose Journey:
  • where you are now
  • childhood gifts
  • life’s challenges
  • what you have learned
  • your unique perspective
  • stepping forward
  • co-creation with life
Somatic Awakening Journey:
  • your unique gifts and challenges
  • your habits of tension
  • letting go of your armour
  • potential beneath the mask
  • personal embodiment
  • freeing your energetic matrix
  • feeling your feelings
  • sensing your sensations
  • streaming energy

“Healing is a gift. It is the restoration of order.”

              – Bert Hellinger

“We have all been given a gift, the gift of life. What we do with our lives, is our gift back.”

              – Edo

“God is alive. Magic is afoot.”

              – Leonard Cohen

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