The Healing Power of Pleasure

Want to know a secret? Hidden under the surface of life is delight.

Reading this book will take you on a journey from mess to magic. You will travel through seven spiritual ‘medicines’ of slowing down, embodying, deepening, relating, pleasure, power and potential, to expand your inner confidence, instinctual power and innate joy.

A visionary call to action to inhabit our universe of pleasure, this book presents an invitation to reconnect with your body, realize the depth and web of relationships within which we live, and embrace the pleasure, power, and potency that arise when we look inward as well as confidently relate outward with the world around us.

The Healing Power of Pleasure combines ancient spirituality with scientific research, insight, humour, poetry, practices and a useful reflective log.

The book will be available for pre-order from January 2021 on Amazon and will be internationally published in September 2021 by Findhorn Press.

Advance Testimonials:

Julia Hollenbery is a unique voice: her call to inhabit our bodies fully, to become aware of and attend to the delight inherent in every moment, speaks to our deepest sense of ourselves. She shows us a way of being in the world that is nothing short of revolutionary.

Alison Jones, Host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club

Too many of us have been brought up with a belief in the value of suffering, struggle and sacrifice now to buy us some future pleasures and rewards. We can distrust pleasure and feel guilty about experiencing it.  Julia is inviting us home to the natural joy and pleasure that exist right now at the heart of our being, waiting to be allowed out.

Nick Williams, Leadership Guide and Bestselling Author of 16 books 

“The Healing Power of Pleasure connects us to Divine Life through the portal of interconnectedness, bringing us into relationship with our bodies and senses, and pointing the way to how we reclaim our darkness as well as our light. It honours life as profoundly relational and shows us how to access the innate sensuality of the place where body and soul meet. This is a glorious celebration of a book, and also an important book for our times – as living through this relational lens naturally gives us respect for Earth, for each other and for the oneness of all life – human and other than human, visible and invisible. It points towards a way of being, which is for both men and women, that includes a deep honouring of the feminine principle, which is the missing element in our culture and has the potential to lead us deeper into the new story we so urgently need.”

Dr Justine Huxley, Director of St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace