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"I work with individuals and groups, guiding people to rediscover their instinctual intelligence and love of life. When we become intimately aware of our body and feelings, the moment opens up – to pleasure, sensual relationship, true guidance and creative power. Anything is possible... "

Is this you?

If you find that being a grown-up is not nearly as much fun as you hoped it would be…

If your work is boring and stressful, if your relationships are disappointing…

If you miss the instinctual intuitive connection to life you had as a child…

If you feel you are living a smaller life than you is your birthright…

Join me for a journey into the Universe of Deliciousness

You are warmly welcome

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About Julia

An experienced spiritual therapist, embodiment teacher, speaker and author, Julia brings to every interaction an extraordinary quality of attunement and a deep, innate wisdom for practical healing and wholeness.

Along with her formal training - including The Grinberg Method of Bodywork, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Family Constellations and Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra - she brings expertise in a wide range of spiritual traditions such as shamanism, yoga, sufism, kabbalah, gurdjieff and inquiry to help you envision and embody your unique potential.

Julia is your guide to the Universe of Deliciousness.

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