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"I work with individuals and groups, guiding people to rediscover their instinctual intelligence and love of life. When we relax deeply and become intimately aware of our body and feelings, the moment opens up – to pleasure, sensual relationship, true guidance, and creative power. Anything is possible... "

This work is not hard work - it is discovery, play and experience in a deep and loving field of presence.

Is this you?

Are you distracted by anxiety, overwhelm or disconnection? Headache, backache or insomnia? Want to be more confident, grounded and vital?

You are intelligent, sensitive and creative. Maybe an artist, healer or business person with heart. You want positive change, to express yourself and be happy... dream of a new way of living, more connected, real and passionate, but don't know quite how...

You are warmly welcome

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About Julia

As a child I was connected to everything in a deeply feeling and sensual way. Life was alive and I was part of that. My home was in the garden, I danced and changed the weather. No matter how the adults tried to tame me, no one convinced me my otherworldly experience was not real... Over time, without support, I felt wrong, changed my enthusiasm to fit-in... life felt hard and I felt broken... Over 30 years I reclaimed myself, experiencing travel, therapeutic bodywork and spiritual work, feeling safe in the world and my body again.

My work is important and matters to me because my experience is commonplace. Most of us were not received in the way that we wanted to be. We remember knowing and feeling a lot as children - but then we gave up and hid - forgetting our vision for the world. We learned to see things the way "they" told us things were. This work is an opportunity to be welcomed as you are, to remember what you already know and become who you really are.

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