Move. Release. Feel. Respond.

“Embodiment is the next spiritual frontier in our collective evolution, and it includes human, animal, and all that is within the shared body of Earth. So much energy and power awaits us through this web of embodied life, and it is released and available as we are humble before it’s beauty and grandeur. Collectively we have yet to understand how the instinctual world is spiritual. Only those who hold no prejudice against the physical, material dimension of life will pass through that gateway.”
            – Hilary Hart

This movement has many deep and powerful applications:

  • Smoothes out the nervous system
  • Processes and identifies emotions
  • Awakens sexual energy and sexual sensations
  • Releases trauma patterns into flow
  • Unites body and mind in intimacy with physical sensation
  • Creates high body responsiveness
  • Opens bodily wisdom

The Non-Linear Movement Method® is a powerful somatic method developed by Michaela Boehm over the past 2 decades. The method is rooted in her early training in Kashmiri Shaivism and fused with her extensive expertise in working with trauma, emotional closures, and physical contractions in her clients and students; as well as in implementing this technique in her own practice.

Classes will take place at The Arc Centre, Islington

“In times of turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil, but in facing it with yesterday’s logic.”   

– Peter Drucker